The driving force behind CELL MEDICUM is the innovative spirit of our team of highly qualified, holistic thinking and treating specialists and the heartfelt commitment to people’s health.

For more than 30 years, CELL MEDICUM PROFESSIONALS have dealt with physical, mental and emotional disorders in a new, integrative way. Their approach combines classic medical, biological, psychological and naturopathic holistic treatment methods.

The extraordinary success of the treatment resulted in a concept that combines ​a deep understanding of our physical and emotional needs, high-tech medicine, and  latest scientific research.

Today, cell regulation medicine is at the forefront of current medical research.

Under the term PURE CELL ENERGY PARCOURS, we developed a practice concept that focuses on the smallest and most important common denominator: the cell, and the cell’s energy producing organelles, the mitochondria and their optimal function in the human organism.

Since 2000 CELL MEDICUM has developed from the “First Vitality Clinic of Baleares” to a leading institution in integrative medicine in the Balearic Islands and since 2020 we are situated in the heart of Santanyi.

We look into the underlying causes that cause chronic illness and pain.