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…. to recognize the signs of the times…

For several months, the corona pandemic has had the world firmly under control and the associated uncertainty is making the life of more and more people difficult.

We live in a time and a world full of toxic factors. This includes not only the numerous environmental toxins and pathogens, but also toxic messages, fears, worries and stress.

Many of us live in fear and panic and feel powerless to do something about it. It is important to realize that our immune system reacts to everything we take in, think and feel.

This is the basis of  MINDBODY  Medicine  in CELL MEDICUM®.

Our institute has been on Mallorca for 20 years and was originally founded as the “First medical Anti Aging Institute”. In the course of the further development of scientific research in cell medicine, we have based our methods on these findings and dedicated the institute to these fields.

Since March 2020 we are in a beautiful townhouse, right in the heart of Santanyi. The ambience offers a unique place for advice and relaxed treatment.

One of the most exciting new areas is psychoneuroimmunology, which studies the way the immune system is influenced by psychological and emotional factors.

Today classical medicine also recognizes that stress and stressful events – both privately and professionally – are among the most common causes of illness. We have found the answer to the health challenges of our time in the development of a special program to strengthen the immune system.

The “CELL PARCOURS® by CELL MEDICUM® combines high-end medical technology and scientifically based naturopathic methods at the highest level.

This unique DETOX PROGRAM promotes cell energy, supports every recovery process, mobilizes self-healing powers and counteracts the aging process.

THE UNIQUE PROGRAM for a powerful immune system through cell fortification  and detoxification and thus improved cell functions.


Special times require special measures.

We are looking forward to welcoming and advising you.

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