Mental disorders are not so uncommon in this day and age. Almost every third person is estimated to have a mental illness at least once in a lifetime. This is also noticeable in the economy: mental disorders are now the fourth reason for sick leave. In addition, they account for the greatest number of days taken off. This tren is on the rise.

What exactly is the Psyche or soul?

You cannot see the soul, but she is still there. This is especially noticeable when mental wellbeing is out of balance. The Duden dictionary gives a clear answer:

Psyche is understood as the totality of human feeling. When it loses its balance, one speaks of mental disorders”.

 Mental disorders can affect everyone. However, most of them can be treated or healed in the same way as many physical ailments, if they are diagnosed early.

Everyone knows days in which everything appears gray, or situations in which the stresses of everyday life lead to insomnia and discomfort. These “normal” upsets are to be distinguished from manifest mental illnesses that have to be treated medically and therapeutically.


Who does not know this feeling? The hands begin to sweat, the heart begins to race, the eyes widen. You feel fear.


In addition to depression, anxiety is the most widespread mental disorder in Europe. In a generalized anxiety disorder, the affected persons are often restless and tense for weeks or months, and are unable to cope with everyday life. Panic disorders are also associated with anxiety disorders, in which angina attacks occur, without any apparent triggers.


Depression is much more than just feeling bad, but a serious disease that can affect any person, regardless of age, occupation and social status. Millions of people know what it is like to suffer from oppressive moods, lack of drive and the loss of joy and interest (so-called main symptoms of a depression). Other additional symptoms, such as sleep and concentration disorders, feelings of guilt, decreased appetite, a pessimistic view of the future, and ideas of suicide can also occur in depression. Medically speaking, a depression is when there are two of these main symptoms and they are present for more than two weeks.

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We can help you treat these mental disorders

Don’t rely on medications alone. Although medication can help avoid the symptoms of depression, it is not recommended for long-term use. Other treatments, including exercise and therapy, can be just as effective as medication without unwanted side effects. Contact us for further assistance.

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