Violetta Painter suffered cancer 10 years ago, when she was only 36 years old. In addition, her mother had died a few years earlier because of this disease. Violetta knew that she did not want to die of cancer and that she would do everything in her power to fight, improve and overcome the disease. Discover how Dr. Prat and Cell Medicum helped her overcome cancer.

 At the Cell Medicum Clinic, we investigate the underlying causes that cause illness. That is why our patients, like Violetta Painter, trust us to treat their ailments.

 Violetta Painter turned to our Cell Medicine to treat her case. In this brief interview she tells us how her experience with Cell Medicum and Dr. Prat went.

 Why did you look for Dr. Prat?

 I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer grade 3. During my healing process, I met a wealth of wellbeing professionals who were all fundamental to my recovery. I had spent hours, days, and weeks exhaustively searching through the numerous health, fitness and nutrition services in Mallorca and I found endless ways to nourish my body and mind. 

 How did you find him?

 I was recommended by a friend of mine who was a patient of Dr Prat.

 What treatments did you follow?

 In Cell Medicum I followed several homeopathic treatments, high doses of vitamin C and mineral therapy, ozone therapy and chelation therapy, under the supervision of Dr. Prat.

 How did the treatment help you?

The treatment helps stimulate my immune system, remove heavy metals and toxins from my body and treat the root cause of my disease. Thanks to all the treatments and changes in my life habits, I got cope with the treatment against cancer.

 Do you want to know how we can help you? 

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